Stand Strong With Us ♥

How To Help

Michelle passed away in April 2016. This is our page from before then when we were needing help during Michelle's illness and treatment.

  • Our good friends Jaci Mull (in Portland) and Gwen Denniston (in NYC) are coordinating help. You can reach them both at
  • We are ok financially and our health insurance is very good (so far). But we could use help with gift cards for the following places, both as a way to help and as a way to let us hand them out and delegate grocery runs and other errands. Denominations of $10 or $25 are useful for us to hand out to friends.
  • Prepare freezeable meals for both of us. Vegetarian/vegan and no eggs for Michelle (note: she is now eating chicken again), meat treats for Justin, high in protein, four to six servings at a time. We have The Cancer-Fighting Kitchen cookbook and that's a good place to start. Get in touch above and we can share some specific recipes.
  • Contact us if you are local and interested in being put on either a 24-hour or an 8am-10pm texting list for emergencies and relief.
  • Michelle is a sucker for physical get well soon and greeting cards.
  • Music mix tapes in the form of USB sticks or online playlists. Great moods are sleepy time, meditation, energizing, and healing.
  • If you'd like to say or pass along prayers or blessings, that is ok. You can use our full names and Michelle's last name Petruzzi is pronounced peh-TRUE-zee.
  • We are currently considering getting a standing freezer for the garage for extra food stores. Not sure exactly what we're doing yet, but if you know someone with who can lend one or sell one cheap, we'd be interested. Done!
  • Come over and walk Ronny anytime. He's high energy but well-trained.
  • Someone able to sit with Michelle for a while and let Justin get out for errands or a break.
  • Feel free to text us anytime as the best way to reach us directly. If we are overloaded or trying to sleep, we'll silence the phones, so don't worry.
  • Thank you!