Stand Strong With Us ♥

About This Site

This is a site by Michelle Petruzzi and Justin Miller chronicling Michelle's diagnosis of Stage IV pancreatic cancer and our experiences treating it before Michelle passed away in April 2016.

We started this site in December 2015 as a simple one-pager to keep family and friends informed. Earlier that month, doctors had discovered a large mass on Michelle's pancreas after she had begun having abdominal pain in early November. Through December and into January, we started to find out that we were up against metastatic pancreatic cancer and to begin treatment.

We've since been posting dispatches to keep everyone up to date as we fight this. In March 2016, we moved the site to a more traditional blog format for easier reading and a more lively appearance.

This site has been a huge help to us in communicating with all of our wonderful friends and family worldwide. Thank you for reading!