Stand Strong With Us ♥

March 20, 2016

We've revamped the website! Expect more color, more photos, and a brighter look to things from now on.

Michelle is four days into the new chemo regimen. So far, weakness has increased, fatigue and digestion have been about the same, and nausea is reduced compared to the old regimen and recent weeks. She also started experiencing finger and mouth sensitivity to cold and occasional neuropathy in both which comes and goes. We are working with our medical team to keep tabs on these and manage them as best we can.

On Saturday, our friend Sarah baked Michelle some zeppole for St. Joseph's Day. Previously Sarah had never even seen these pastries before, so it was a super impressive feat. Michelle has long celebrated St. Joseph's Day since it's the name day and saint feast day celebrated by her great-grandmother Giuseppina (Josephine).

We've still got ten days until the next treatment and aren't sure of the landscape of side effects, but we are planning some more activities and hopefully another trip soon. Stay tuned!