Stand Strong With Us ♥

January 20, 2016

We are now one week into chemotherapy and have seen marked results. Michelle has been able to lie down to sleep for most of the past week for the first time in six weeks, her pain is reduced, especially at night, and her ability to eat is improving. She also had a paracentesis procedure performed, which drained excess fluid from her abdomen, helping with pain, appetite, and comfort. Thus far the side effects from chemo have been pretty mild.

During the past week, we have been well-supported at OHSU, meeting with nurses, doctors, nutritionists, social workers, physican assistants, radiologists, massage therapists, pharmacists, and many other helpful and friendly staff.

Tomorrow is the second infusion of chemo. There is another treatment the week after that, then a week off, then another month of the same before things are evaluated more concretely for progress.

Thank you as always for the cards and gifts. Day by day Michelle is finally feeling better and our spirits are high.